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3 baby steps to more money and freedom
Free Trial

Free Trial

Let us prove ourselves to you first before you pay us a single cent. We will get you in front of potential buyer/sellers before you start paying us.

Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Start with our lowest package and let us build a head of steam, our ISA team will work on your leads as soon as they come in.

Dig In

Dig In

Once you're fully settled into our system and see the chefs at work, your account manager will stay in touch with you so you can keep making money.


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How can we help you?

Walkthrough with us to get most of your questions answered before you even talk to us, so when you do talk with us, we can discuss how we can fit into your business and make you more successful.


Our Working Process

Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager will work with you so you can get the best out of our service, if you need something you can reach your account manager via email, text phone or just by directly booking an appointment with them.

Account Manager
Live Transfers
Quality Leads
Flexible Plans
Constant Follow-up
CRM Integration


Our Working Process

  • Live Transfers

    When leads are ready to move forward with an agent, we live-transfer them to you so you don't have to spend time chasing them down.

    We call and hot transfer your leads right to you.

  • Booked Appointments

    We will need your calendar to schedule physical meetings with potential clients.

    We make bookings on your calendar.

    Never again speak with tire-kickers. Focus your high value time only on those who want to talk to you.

  • Constant Follow-up

      We follow up until you close the transaction or tell us to stop.
    • Respond 24/7 to leads from any source within minutes.
    • Long-term follow up with over 24 personal touches moves people from stranger to client to friend.
    • Anniversaries, home search, client referral, and a dozen more campaigns ready to go.
    • 6 months of call follow up
    • With 80% of sales requiring at least 7 to 8 follow-up calls to close a deal, it is imperative that you implement a solid follow-up process. We will handle it all and increase the amount of deals you are closing.
    • Unresponsive leads are nurtured through intelligent and programmatic follow-up until contact is made.
  • CRM Integration

    Our fully-trained, hyper-friendly ISA's are available when your leads are ready to speak to someone.

    If and when you or someone on your team wants to drive a conversation, they have the ability to take over with the help of our complete contact history of every lead.

  • Flexible Plans

    Whether you're an individual agent or a full-size team, our plans scale to match your lead workload.

  • Qualified Quality Leads

    Most leads will form a relationship with the first agent they speak to. Therefore, we respond immediately to make sure you're always the first to reach out.

    We let your sales team focus on appointments with qualified and high-intent prospects.

  • Account Manager

    Your dedicated account manager will work with you so you can get the best out of our service, if you need something you can reach your account manager via email, text phone or just by directly booking an appointment with them.


Check Our Affordable Pricing

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$100 / Weekly
  • Internet Leads (zbuyer, Ylopo, Google Leads, Offrs, Facebook Leads, and CRM Leads)
  • 3 Appointments / Week
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$190 / Weekly
  • Everything from Base
  • +
  • Expired Leads and FSBO's ( Landvoice, Vulcun7, and Redex )
  • 6 Appointments / Week
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$300 / Weekly
  • Everything from Base & Advanced
  • +
  • Circle Prospecting + Probate Leads
  • 10 Appointments / Week
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Our Working Process


1: Lead Submission

Leads generated by Google ads, Facebook ads, and other sources are added to your CRM.


2: Initial Contact

Once they are submitted to your CRM, our dedicated pro cold calling experts get in touch with them immediately.


3: Qualifying

After the initial contact, our cold calling experts qualify the prospects by asking the relevant questions as needed and forward it to the QA department which double checks if any important info is missing.


4: Appointment Setting

Once a lead is qualified, an appointment is set with the respective client according to their availability.


Our Services

Here is what we offer.
Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

Data entry services ensute efficient and accurate data input processes.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer support delivers timely and effective assistance to customers.

Live Chat

Live Chat

Live chat provides instant assistance and support to online users.

Tele Marketing

Tele Marketing

Telemarketing promotes products or services through phone communication.


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